Transforming business I.T.

Server Consolidation


Server Virtualization makes it possible to increase utilization of your physical server assets. It also helps in reducing power consumption as less hardware machines are required to carry the IT workload and enables business requirements to be met and rapidly adapted. Increased redundancy, flexibility, business continuity and reduced capital expenditure are also amongst the many advantages that can be gained by deploying a virtual server environment.


Your Cloud

It seems that almost everywhere we turn, the term cloud computing is there. So what is it and how does it relate to small and medium sized businesses? Cloud evolved, as many facets of IT, over a period of time. Essentially it is the provisioning of computing power in the form of a service at a monthly cost.




 In the emerging cloud age of computing, connectivity is fast becoming the backbone of businesses both large and small.

Access to software and services that are provisioned by cloud providers is one of the biggest concerns that face businesses that have, or plan to migrate critical systems to cloud vendors.


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